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Datware Solutions the operating company for independent data consultant James Laursen.  James is an expert at analyzing and defining relationships in large complex datasets. He specializes in relating data to the geographic and demographic makeup of the U.S.A.

James' specialties include: GIS data processing, complex data relationship analysis, data discovery, data quality, data cleansing, large data ETL programming, demographic data processing, database marketing, marketing effectiveness processing and analysis, decision support data foundation, defining the market place.

James has 14 year of experience in the telecommunication industry and 7 years in pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, and warehouse management industries.

Our Services

  • Data Discovery - Qlikview
  • Data Development and Transformation (ETL Development)
  • Data Quality - Trillium Consulting

  • MS Visual Studio C# and VB, Java, PHP, PHPCake, Python
  • SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Scripting, Trillium, Pentaho PDI
  • Oracle, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, MySQL
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server, Flex and Desktop
  • Open source GIS

Proven Results

We bridge the business layer to IT.  We develop "proof of concept" projects and can be implemented into the IT layer making it a  corporate asset.

What are the benefits of a "one man" company?  Large consulting companies give you their best consultant at first.  They then bring on a junior consultants to take over the account.  With my me, you have the best until we are done with your project.

Results for recent clients:

  • Developed Label data to commercial building location dataset.
  • Developed a comprehensive market place footprint for a telecommunication company to the located are serviceable location.  The location data cleansing was implemented with Trillium and standard database ETL techniques.   The proof of concept project was then implemented by IT as a corporate data asset.
  • Developed a comprehensive householding system based on multiple billing system and third party demographic and firmagraphic data.
  • ESRI Map integration of location based data.  Data developed into heat-maps.
  • Quick hit projects to generate self-service data from a website.

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